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M-Smile T-Shirt

M-Smile T-Shirt

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Clothing Care

  • Washing Method

1. Wash white clothes with other white clothes and dark clothes with like items.

2. Wash with cold water and low heat.

3. Turn laundry inside out and put in laundry net.

4. After clothes are dried in the dryer organize them right away.

5. Laundry Net, Clothes steamer, and Fabric shaver are essential for caring for clothes.

  • Special Care Clothing

1. Coat & Jackets – Dry Clean.

2. Wash Jeans separately to avoid fabric bleeding.

3. Bra/Underwear – Handwashing recommended (Washing in machine may cause increase in size if done for a long period of time).

4. Lace fabric – Hand wash.

5. Knits – Turn inside out and put in laundry net before washing.

6. Do not hang knits – Fold instead


Special care clothing instruction.

Oversize unisex T-shirt is simple but not too plain by the simple distorted smiley face to add fun to the clothes. It has a different design sense and can firmly catch people's attention.

  • Cotton 100%
  • Runs true to Size
  • Model is 6'1" 
  • Made in Korea
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